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Himalayan College

Approved by NCTE and Affiliated to HNB Garhwal (NAAC 'A' Grade ) Centeral University,Srinagar, Uttarakhand

Principal Message

Teaching is a way of making significant contribution to the world and experiencing the joy of helping others grow and develop. Teaching today, is a uniquely demanding profession because the work of teachers is evaluated not only in terms of what teachers do but also in terms of what their students do. Teacher education, as a system, inculcates the necessary pedagogical skills and competencies among the teachers and makes then professionally competent to meet the demands of the society.
Himalayan College has been established with the mission to ensure planned and coordinated development of teacher education in order to groom aspiring youths to make them feel that the greatest benefit for their education lies not only in what they have learnt but in working how to learn.

In the present world, only those who have mastered the art of rapid and ongoing learning will succeed ultimately we require college, want our students to cultivate the ability to think beyond the stated boundaries, goods and objectives. In this way our students will achieve the excellence in their area of activity but also in improving the life and times of the society in which they live.

(Dr. SR Khankriyal)




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